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New Exercise - Runs!!!

Good meeting last night everyone (Sorry we missed you Andrew & Marshall - hope to see you next week.. guilt guilt guilt). 

Work on your best run to show next Thursday - being that we were talking about 'cartoony' timing last night I'm going to try my best to make a cartoon run. 

And here is a great set of advice articles that everyone should read - really good stuff.




Exhausted walk!

Waiting for critiques!


Ball Walks

At last night's Animeeting, we decided to kick the rust off of our walk skills and assign some work for next week's meeting. We'll be using two legged ball characters (a ball with legs) to do the walks - if you're interested, go grab a rig and animate away. We'll watch and critique them next Thursday.
Reed will be making a sexy feminine walking ball.
Joey will be creating a depressed ball walk.
Scott will be animating an angry walking ball.
Marshall or Jero - maybe do an cocky, or zombie walk? Or just experiment - hope to 'see' you next week.
Andrew will be animating an exhausted walking. (i will use norman rig)



I watched 'How to Train your Dragon' the other day. Get to the theater and buy yourself a ticket. It was a really superbly animated film - scratch that, I was a superb film period. So go enjoy.

Quirky side things I noticed in the film:

Dreamworks really has figured out hair and fur. The only character that's hair every stuck out to me was Astrid's bangs. See if you notice in the film or if it is just me.

Toothless reminds me of Stitch. A lot. Something about his facial expressions.

Those were the only things that ever took me out of the movie. When I buy it, I'll study the animation - it was rock solid and I know that because I never thought to myself 'this is animated', or 'that was animated well', or 'that felt a bit floaty'. It just never came up and that is really an animators ultimate goal: give a beautiful performance and tell memorable stories. 

Good work Dreamworks! 



"Well.. that will be up to you all for tomorrow. Normally it is 5 PM
Pacific time (or.. 5:30ish we generally start) and now on Skype. I'll
be bartending while you are talking it up about animation. But..
behold, clips!




and the video bonus clip:


I hope you all attend the animeeting - I should get home around 6:30
PM Pacific I'll just try to randomly join everyone in skype at that
time :D

Hope to hear you late (although you might be done chatting by then - enjoy)" 

From Scott.


Audio test.

Ok this is the test for the Animeeting podcast.

It is possible.

Another example with other colors


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