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Ball Walks

At last night's Animeeting, we decided to kick the rust off of our walk skills and assign some work for next week's meeting. We'll be using two legged ball characters (a ball with legs) to do the walks - if you're interested, go grab a rig and animate away. We'll watch and critique them next Thursday.
Reed will be making a sexy feminine walking ball.
Joey will be creating a depressed ball walk.
Scott will be animating an angry walking ball.
Marshall or Jero - maybe do an cocky, or zombie walk? Or just experiment - hope to 'see' you next week.
Andrew will be animating an exhausted walking. (i will use norman rig)


  1. Good idea! I will try to do a walk, i don't know what kind i will see.

  2. I will try to do some super happy and excited guy walking